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10 Famous Graphic Designers

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If you are a graphic designer, you must to knows they are as a famous graphic designers, this is the 10 famous graphic designers you must to knows:

1. Giambattista Bodoni � 1740-1813- He started with printmaking but is most known for designing and engraving typefaces. You might recognize the typeface Bodoni.

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2. Neville Brody � He started in record cover design but became well known as the Art Director for Face Magazine, and typefaces.

3. David Carson � Known as the �Father of Grunge�. He became famous by breaking all the rules of Graphic Design and developing his own signature style.

4. William Caslon � 1692-1766 � Caslon started out as an engraver of gun locks and barrels, and as a bookbinder�s tool cutter but is known for his typefaces.

5. Milton Glaser � He is best known for his �I Love New York� logo. He is also the founder of New York Magazine.

6. Jonathan Ive � He is internationally renowned as the principal designer of the iMac. He is considered one of the best in industrial design.

7. Aldus Manutius � 1449-1515 � Started as a printer and publisher but famous for inventing italic type.

8. William Morris � 1834-1896 � Morris was an architect, poet, textile designer, and writer, but was most famous for designing unique wallpaper. He also developed typefaces.

9. Wally Olins � He is mostly known for his experience in corporate identity and branding.

10. Paul Rand � 1914-1996 -He was best known for his logo designs, including IBM and UPS and NBC.

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